Well done and a wonderful start to the month. Good job Mari!

Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Chocolate cherry. Just sexy enough.

by Julie

Ah, February! The time for those of us still in love with the idea of Valentine’s Day to let out our inner sex-crazed fiend. Or inner romantic. The Undead Duo endorses both for our month-long feature Stories To Strip By that will leave you swooning, panting and screaming for more. The schedule is as follows for you to look forward to. Do wear your best underthings.

February 2  Mari Wells: Just Another Hunt

February 4  Jacqueline Czel: Twitter Crush

February 8  Josh Hewitt: Hurting From Wanting You

February 10  Beau Barnett: Make A Wish

February 12 Chynna Blue Scott: Steam

February 14  A little fun with Kristen and Julie

February 16 Jeanie Grey: Turning Point

February 20  Chris Liccardi: Believe

February 22  Jillian Wegrocki Marques: Stranger

February 26  Zoey Derrick: Devilish Desires Part 2

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Back in the saddle. (Almost)

So testing time is nearly done. A few more days and ill be back to writing again.

There’s a short story in here somewhere that keeps dancing just outside the ring of light at the edge of my little clearing. I can only see its shadow, but I know she’s there. Playing hard to get…

I am certain we will meet one evening when the sun is setting and the shadows are growing longer from the trees and my guard is down.

Until then, faerie muse… until then.